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New York City Lawyers Offering Assistance with Shareholder Agreements

Multiple shareholders in a closely held business have special concerns regarding management, ownership, and the transfer of ownership. Shareholder agreements, also called buy/sell or partnership agreements are a critical business tool that can help avoid or minimize potential conflicts between owners.

When clients contact Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C., we can provide assistance drafting shareholder agreements that explicitly define how their interests in a closely held business are addressed while they are alive, and at the event of their death.

Providing legal advice for disputes and ownership transfers due to:

  • Shareholder deaths
  • Departure or retirement
  • Unexpected disability
  • Employee/owner terminations
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Individual bankruptcy

Shareholder agreements involving such sensitive business planning matters also include tax concerns and family issues that are unique to each closely held business. The experienced attorneys at Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C. take pride in helping clients define succession strategies that satisfy the desired outcome for each shareholder. We study the unique fact patterns to ensure that the agreement is drafted properly.

When an owner's interest in a family business is passed on, the tax consequences can be significant. Estate, gift, and inheritance taxes can be half, or more, of the value of an owner's portion. Tax issues can also make it difficult for ownership to pass to the new shareholder. Our lawyers recognize the complex issues involved in these transitions and are skilled at helping family business owners address them effectively. In addition, a family's dynamics can affect business plans and the transition of ownership. Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C. provide shareholders with the legal tools to deal with the human factor that can impact a shareholder agreement.

For thorough legal assistance with shareholder agreements designed to help your closely held business continue its success from generation to generation, contact Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C., today. We are available to conveniently serve clients in the entire New York Metro area, including Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, southern Connecticut, and the northern New Jersey area.


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