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New York Attorneys Meeting Client Needs in Trust and Estate Aministration:

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Perceptive and creative solutions are the hallmarks of Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C.ís attorneys in the area of trust and estate administration.

Our lawyers are adept at dealing with situations in which trust beneficiaries are dissatisfied with a trusteeís administration of trust assets. Consider the following example of how the law firmís attorneys succeeded in remedying such a situation.

Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C.ís clients were beneficiaries of a trust who were dissatisfied with a trustee that wanted to diversify a trustís portfolio from a concentration in real estate holdings.    The trustee was a major bank.  The beneficiaries were comfortable with maintaining the real estate in the trust, and preferred that the trust not diversify its assets with stocks and bonds.  Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C.ís lawyers made a credible argument that the trust documents permitted a heavy concentration in real estate, and worked with litigation counsel to convince the trustee to resign.  A new trustee was appointed that continues to fulfill the beneficiaryís desire to maintain the real estate holdings.

Attention to detail can help trust administrators preserve and distribute assets efficiently. The timing of distributions to trust beneficiaries can be important for tax purposes.   Maurice Kassimir & Associates, P.C. attorneys also know how to change the domicile of a trust to take advantage of certain benefits some states offer in the area of state and local income taxation.

Our attorneys assist estate administrators and trustees in marshalling and distributing estate assets in a cost-efficient manner to preserve them for intended beneficiaries, rather than the government, or dissipated in unnecessary and expensive litigation.

Our lawyers can help you with their attention to detail to effectuate cost effective estate and trust administration that preserves assets. Contact them now to see how they can assist with your estate administration or trust administration problem.


Providing sophisticated estate planning to insure the accumulation, preservation and transfer of wealth for clients in the New York Metro area, including Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, Bergen, Monmouth and Essex Counties in northern New Jersey, and the communities of Fairfield, Greenwich, and Westport in southern Connecticut.

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